Why do you feel that it gives you the knee?


When you think you will feel that your knee gives you a knee , which means that the knee suddenly feels unstable, it is generally due to a ligament lesion A MOUNTH is a short and resistant fabric strip that connects two bones . The knee has four main ligaments and several minors.

If your knee is suddenly highlighted, this is often the result of tears in one of these main ligaments. This article analyzes what he considered that the knee emits what ligaments are generally connected, and some treatment methods used to correct the injury.

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INSTABILITY UNEN Generally causes a sudden movement of torsion or knee brick,As if it were collapsed under you. It often happens while sports and can also happen when you do something simple, how to enter from the car.

If instability is associated with a ligament lesion,You may have: / P>

  • Strong sound when the trauma
  • happens

  • painfully sudden and severe
  • of weakness in the joint
  • inability to put the weight of the joint swelling
  • During the first 24 hours

Ligaments Injured Knee

Bias, as a general rule, it was happening when the knee is a buckle, or forced to an uncomfortable position.They can vary from partial tears, which can be cured independently until a break, which require surgery.

There are three knees prone to such injuries:

ACL Front Cage)

The front adhesive group (ACL) works diagonally in the middle of the knee.Admits the joint when creating rotating movements and prevents the tire sliding bone

people with the joy of ACL often complain that their knee hides suddenly when the instructions change.Most tears tears require surgical intervention. BALE medial (MCL)

Bond Hying (MCL) inside the joint and prevents the extension of The knee is inside.It also helps stay stably and allows you to spin. / P>

MCL tears occur more frequently when the knee is affected outside.Unlike the ACL tears, most MCL lesions do not require surgery .

Rear cooling package (PCL)

The group of the rear box (PCL) crosses through ACL and avoids tire slide and thigh bone slid backward.It also avoids the dedication of the knee.

PCL often injured, falling and landing directly on the front of the knee joint PCL cracks can often be considered without surgery, but may require an operation if other packages are involved,bones and tendons. / P>


When your knee highlights, it is often due to Tears from the front Klelegic Bundle (ACL), medial package (MCL) or rear adhesive ligament (PCL).

Reasons not for non-Hobdle

It is also possible to experience the instability of the knee any injury that causes pain in the knee .Even if there is no more important damage to the knee, the body can react to pain with a protective reflection designed to protect the knee.

knee strains and stretching are general reasons for this, but any condition that causes the pain of the knee can Call an answer, including arthritis .If the weight is on a painful knee, the brain will send signals to the muscles that surround it to stop it. At the same time, the knee can suddenly collapse.

The best way to say the difference is that your knee looks at a specialist known as orthopedist .There is an office in the office, such as the Lachman test, which can help determine the cause. Visualization tests, such as scanning, CT CT , they can help determine the nature and degree of injury.


The instability of the knee is not always caused by a ligament injury .In some cases, the knee voltage, stretching or other painful state can make the knee emitted if the weight is placed. This is a protective reflection designed to protect the knee.


There is a surgical and non-surgical treatment for the instability of the knee.These include physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around the connection and on the stands of the knee , which helps maintain and immobilize the knee.Pain can be treated with ice, painful drugs or steroid injections .

If the injury is heavy, it is It is possible for the operation to repair or restore damaged ligaments.The most common type of reconstruction of the package is designed for ACL tears.


When your knee assigns suddenly, it is often due to an injury to ligament.Three packages, which are generally involved, are the previous division link (ACL), the medial joining ligament (MCL) or the rear adhesive ligament (PCL). ACL trauma generally requires surgery; Others can not.

The instability of the knee can also be caused by the application of a knee or stretching or any other injury that causes pain in the knee. The orthopedist can diagnose the cause of adhesion in office studies and visualization.

The treatment of knee instability depends on the severity of the lesion. Some can be cured independently with rest and therapy, while others may require operation.

Word of obtaining Meds information

, when the instability of the knee does not always hurt, it does not mean that you should simply ignore it.Why did you see it, better? If you are tempted, ‘just live with him’, otherwise, a lower tear can deteriorate and, ultimately, break, which makes the operation pass.

If you notice the knee of the knee or feel that it collapses under you, it is better to contact the doctor before, later.

Frequently asked questions

  • The reason is generally due to a ligament lesion, such as the tearing of the ACL.The instability of the knee can also be caused by plaic syndrome , the state in which the internal coating of the knee joint is inflamed. Arthritis and knee or stretch strains are other possible causes.

  • hyperextension knee when the articulation extends beyond the usual.This can lead to stress in the beams within the joint, which leads to tears.

  • If you have a knee injury, immediately stop what you are doing to avoid greater damage.Depending on the seriousness of the injury, you can call your doctor and visit the emergency room so that your knee observes it as soon as possible.

  • To diagnose knee injury, the health care provider will check your knee and ask about your symptoms and medical history.Visualization tests, such as x-rays or MRI, are usually ordered. Some injuries require arthroscopy , the procedure in which an area of narrow and illuminated application is inserted into the space to study tissues.

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