Why do your eyes feel dry and sandy?


Many people attend the oculist with a general complaint: ‘I feel that the sand is in my eyes when I get up in the morning.They complain that their eyes will suffer from , itching, burns or gerbiles feel like a small piece of sand or particles stuck in their eyes. They also complain for a long time to open their eyes and, apparently, very sensitive to light.

At the time they do it in your health care provider, you have already acquired several types of eye drops try to find some relief.Although sometimes falls provide some short-term relief, most of the time drops are simply emphasized or burned, and it does not help all so much (and if they help, the cycle seems to start over the next morning).

If you think your eyes are sandwich and irritated, you may experience a certain state. The following conditions can cause a serious feeling in his eyes.

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Syndrome Dry eye

Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common causes of a feeling of suggestion in your eyes. The dry eye syndrome often causes Sandy, the feeling of the sand sensation in the morning, which usually worsens during the day. Dry eyes of several gravity can cause uncomfortable and annoying symptoms.

If your eyes are dry, your eyes can burn much more than itching. Your view can also fluctuate a lot, and it can take some time to have a good clear vision in the morning.In addition, his eyes do not produce how many tears at night, because his eyes are closed, and the tear film is unstable and has a lack of quality and quantity. . Your doctor or doctor of medical care.It is important to see your health care provider or in the eye, because sometimes drops for the eyes are not enough. You may have to instill a gel or ointment on your eyes before going to sleep at night to get more protection.Your health care provider can also recommend special prescription drugs or eye procedures, such as punctual occlusion, for the treatment of your dry eye condition.

Nocturnal Lagophthalmos

If you complain about sand in your eyes,Your healthcare provider may ask if someone likes your spouse when you go to sleep with open eyes you could think that provider’s health too far with this question, but -. The general condition.

Some people have no idea all the way, leaving the cornea of the eye exposed to the atmosphere all night. Since it does not actively flash, the eyes are significantly dried and the inflammation called keratitis is developing.It can cause sensitivity to very strong light and sand, the feeling of the sensation of sand in the eyes when awakening in the morning.

Lagophthalmos can be caused by several different conditions.In children, it is generally an anatomical problem that was rapidly based. The Phthalm TheLastic can also occur from cosmetic eyelid surgery, which was a bit too aggressive. The skin can be raised or too tight, not allowing the flickering or closed while you can sleep the brake conditions,As the predicto caused by the disease the thyroid gland can also cause Lagofthalmos. People with Lagofalmons at night should not be afraid to pass from the eye drops to the use of thicker ointments to heal and Reduce symptoms.


Blephariti is a group of conditions that affect tabs, eyelids and eyelids in the glands.Blefaritis is generally caused by bacteria that are present in the skin, but some people, due to age, changes in the skin or the absence of good hygiene, tend to create more bacteria in centuries.Sometimes, the eyelids can be connected or infected by calling Meibomian Meibomian .

Blefaritis tends to cause redness of the eyes and inflammation.Purdy with Blufarite can be wake up in the morning with more hosting centuries. Sometimes, the dry mucosa can enter the eye, causing irritation or a sandy attachment.

Flexura syndrome


Flexion syndrome (FES) is a relatively unusual state characterized by free upper eyelids, which are easily turned off inwards.Fez is usually visible in the overweight of the average men. Some people with FES also suffer from obstructing apnea.

Sometimes, in people with FES, turning during sleep or moves accidentally in a certain way, the pillow can turn the eyelid inadvertently.Treatment FES often includes artificial tears to reduce irritation and antibiotics if there are signs of infection. Using a tape or a secondary to keep the eyelids, closed during sleep, it can help watch dry eyes.


. Making your eyes. If you live or work near the plant, your eyes may feel sanded due to the cultivation of air pollution.Your health care provider or oculist should help you determine environmental factors that can contribute to your dry and sandy eyes.


Some medications can lead your eyes dry and sandy. If you regularly take medicine, consider the effect you can have in your eyes.Some types of excessive and prescription drugs can dehydrate the eyes and cause symptoms of dry eyes. Your health care physician or the oculist examined your current medications to determine the alternatives for those who can be guilty.


Unfortunately, many people develop a feeling of irritability in their eyes when they increase. Gap products tend to decrease and become less effective when we age ourselves. Menopause women tend to experience dry eyes along with other symptoms due to changes in hormones in their bodies.

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The feeling of something in your eyes can be very irritated.If you wake up more than once with a sensation of sand, you should see your health care provider or doctor as soon as possible.Prepare to answer the following questions that your healthcare provider can configure:

  1. sleep with your eyes partially open?
  2. your symptoms worse when waking up?
  3. Make your symptoms,How does the day come out?
  4. Do we sleep the fan retainer or the ceiling fan? It is or she will aspire a special place to see where it is produced dry or inflammation.The location of the staining will give your health care indications regarding the main causes of these symptoms and will determine the appropriate treatment options.

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