Why may your child need an orthodontic head angle?


orthodotic doature, sometimes called extralective instruments, are devices that help correct malocclusion , when teeth do not align correctly. The headdress is more frequently used with suspenders.

while the supports fix the position of the teeth, an orthodontic head that deepens, since it is necessary to name, are in the glasses,More often are added to orthodontic treatment to help change the alignment of the jaw, although there are some situations, in which a device of this type can help move the teeth, especially the molars. /a>

The orthodontic headgear is used as often as in the past, but it is not outdated. He found himself in Studies to be particularly effective for certain types of Olokuses.

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Orthodontic headdress is used more frequently forSolutionLokusov, which leads to the superior jaw administration (upper jaw) and the lower jaw (lower jaw).

There are several types of discoloration, including class 2 or romance (retreatism), in which upper front teeth overlap lower front teeth and class 3 or league (prenatamation),In which the lower front teeth and the jaw stand out in front of the upper front teeth.

Other types of malfunction include overlabing (tank teeth) and Travps, in which one or more upper teeth are suitable inside the lower teeth. Some InvioLands can compact the substrate and crosslins

Regardless of the purpose, the orthodontic headdress works by providing tensions to parentheses through hooks, coils, elastic bands,Metallic orthodontic stripes and other union devices.

The headdress is more effective for children and adolescents, because their jaws are still being developed and can be easily manipulated.If an adult is equipped with a bent angle, it generally helps correct the position of the teeth, which move after the other teeth were extracted.

How it works

There are three main types of respect for the orthodontic head: / P>

  • Cervical head Head / Strong>: Anchors on the back of the neck andDestined Acrecrections Rely
  • Tire of the headdress : Similar to the headdress of the cervix, anchors on the back of the head to correct the command.It is often used when the child also has an open bite, which means that the upper and lower teeth do not touch when the mouth is closed.
  • Return FaceMask : Anchors on the forehead and chin to move the upper jaw forward and solve the head

, as a general rule ,improved with such additives as hooks J (which use more power to jaws and teeth), elastic bands (for leveling bite), clamps (to keep teeth in place),The electricity chains (to adjust the position of the teeth), the lip bumpers (which take place for the lower teeth) as well as for the face (external cables that apply to the face and mouth).

What to expect

If the use of suppression or maintenance is used, orthodontic headdress must be used for at least eight hours during sleep, as it happens, when growth hormone arises,And growth occurs. In the ideal, it should also be used throughout the day for four additional silks.

however, it must be deleted when the child is dedicated to sports, wool or food.Drinking through the straw while carrying an orthodontic head in order.

May take a while for your child to be configured to carry a cleaning site. It can be uncomfortable and even painful first.Many orthodontists recommend a laminated period during which the child will use his device for an hour on the first day and increase the duration every day until the target time.

How the headdress begins to achieve results, the orthodontist adjusts the tension. At first it can be uncomfortable until the child takes it to him.

During any period of pain or discomfort, there are things you can do to make your child more comfortable, for example, for them, there are soft products and applying cold packages to patients with faces or jaws.

Although some problems with disgust can be adjusted for six months with the help of orthodontic head cleaning care, types do not exist unusually for the child to be used throughout the year.

Word of the Meds information received

Malokulsia is more than a cosmetic problem.If not fixed, the related teeth can incorrectly increase the risk of other health problems, such as apnea apnea and and ).

Many children can pursue an orthodontic headline, but if the orthodontist feels that it is necessary to effectively correct problems, parents should do everything possible. Make sure your child matches.It may be useful to explain that, we carry your headdress, you may be able to get rid of it before, and no later.

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