Why should I expect the STD blood test?


Find out that it is exposed to a venereal disease (STD), such as TA> Gerpes or Hivcan.If there were old sexual couples to tell you that they are infected or listening to the health department you need to verify, it is frightening discover that it may be at risk.

Although you can consult some stads, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea , relatively fast after the infection using highly sensitive urine tests / A> It is not like that with all the ties.

Any test STD , which detects an infection using antibodies can not be accurate in no less than a few weeks after exposure. It can be six months or more before you can rely on negative results. The unhappy truth is that the STD results require time.

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Why do you have to wait

Many STD tests,Especially those that for viral ETS such as herpes and HIV, do not seek infection itself. Instead, they are looking for the reaction of their body to infection, in particular, their response antibody .

When exposed or infected with STD, your immune system will try to fight against the pathogen . The process of this process includes the creation of an antibody against an infectious agent.

These antibodies are specific for what is infected. It is like the blood test can look for antibodies to a specific STD and say, do you have or not? However, these specific antibodies require time for development.

How much time you need for you to make the amount of antibodies against your infection depends on a series of factors:

  • , if infected with the same pathogen before
  • ,How is the active infection
  • how many pathogens are entered into your body
  • general health of your immune system
  • What type of antibody seeing the trial stron

How longHard STD STD test?

The speed test can have a reasonable probability of detecting an antibody antibody: two weeks. Only real only for tests that seek a certain type of early antibody called IgM.

Many antibody tests are looking for an IGG, which requires more time to develop. In addition, even IGM test can not be calculated, to be precise in such early after the infection.

During the first months, there is a very high risk of false negative results (results that indicate that you have no disease when you really do it). This risk is reduced over time.Six months after the infection, most people convert a positive antibody test.

Because of this, antibody tests are not suitable for people who are concerned, they could be very recently exposed to HIV or herpes.If so, talk with your health care provider about what kind of tests you can be suitable for you. / P>

As soon as you receive a test, the turning time for test results also varies .Some fast STD tests can give results within an hour. The results of STD delay up to two weeks. It depends on what test is used, and what is the ease of your office supplier office.

Some health providers should send samples in the blood and urine is verified. Others can control tests in the house. These factors can have a significant impact at the time of the ETS test.

What to do if You simply can not wait

If you have a famous and recent effect on HIV, Special Tests may be available.These sharp tests are developed by assigning a new infection. However, not all health providers will have access to these tests. You may have to send it to a more specialized clinic or laboratory.

If you think it is exposed to herpes and you have symptoms , go to your doctor, once the symptom. Antibody tests take some time to be accurate.If your provider can perform viral culture of your pain, you can get results before.

For viral culture for work, your health care provider should be able to isolate an active virus from your illness.There is only one short window when possible after the start of the outbreak.

If you are experiencing after your bonuses began to be treated, there is a possibility of a false negative test.However, your health care provider can provide an intended diagnosis based on the appearance of your flash.

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