Why smell of my scalp?


If your scalp is healthy, you probably do not pay much attention. However, if the skin under your hair begins to cause problems such as Scalely Scalp, you can suddenly demand a lot of time and attention.

Many people notice an acid or humid smell that emanates from their scalp. There is no single skin skin skin syndrome ‘, which should blame for any unpleasant odor that is experiencing in your head.Rather, the hair and the malodorous heads can be caused by a variety of problems.

Some questions similar to deficient hygiene or incorrect request for goodbye, it is quite easy to contact.Another increase in fungal growth or psoriasis requires medical processing.

that is what you need to know about the proper care of your scalp and why it is so important.

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SMELLY Leather Head: general reasons

almost all take care of the body smell sometimes you can notice the smellIt is similar to sour milk, cheese or dirty socks emanating from scalp skin.

The first step to get rid of the unpleasant smell of your scalp: find out what it does achieve it.Unfortunately, it can be difficult, since there are many conditions that affect your head of the head and can make it hurt badly.

Some possible causes of smellful scalp are presented below.

SKALP psoriasis

psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that works in families. This leads to red spots and dry scaly, bright skin to appear on the body.Sometimes, these patches can smell them, especially as dead leather accumulates.

Approximately half of people with psoriasis of outbreak experience on their scalp, which can lead to unpleasant odors.

Seborrheic dermatitis

seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic eruption of the skin, which may appear on the skin of the head and elsewhere in the body. In babies, this eruption is known as Cap.In the elderly, the eruption can lead to scales scales, similar to psoriasis, which can cause odor.


Dermatitis Simulated SeableRe, Dandrauff is a condition of the skin that causes itching or peeling.

Compared with a sliding psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis, perturbed smoother and more often affecting half of adults. Some married people may be accompanied by the smell.

Microbiome imbalance

Like other areas, your skin, your head of leather is home to a variety of bacteria and mushrooms. This community is known as its scalp of microbiomas.When these organisms are in balance, they contribute to the healthy functioning of their scalp. However, when there is too much kind of bacteria or fungi, it can lead to an infection and can contribute to the stinky scalpedor. Inadequate hygiene

If you do not Wash your right hair means that your specific hair types, pollutants and hair products can accumulate in your hair and call the smell.If this happens, it is not embarrassed, and can be resolved by learning more about the fact that hair care care works for you.

as a smell of smell

Panate is subjective, so you can have a difficult time for your finger that smells exactly. The people described their malodoring caps like a sour smell like milk or cheese.You can smell completely unpleasant as dirty or damn underwear, even mold. If you work around chemicals or smoke, your hair and scalp can take these flavors.

Right hygiene hanbits

If your head head smells, a great place to start, re-redirect hygiene and routine hair.The American Academy of Dermatology assumes that white and Asian people are washed daily, including dandruff shampoo once a week, if they have dandruff. Blacks must shampoo once a week, with dandruff shampoo.

When you delete, be smooth with your scalp, avoiding aggressive scratches or cleaning.

Ingredients and products to avoid

Some products can aggravate the smellful scalp.If you are inclined to irritate your head head, avoid the products with the following:

  • carbon : This ingredient can help with dandruff , but you can also leave the scalp prone to the burn.
  • Sodium Laury Sulfate (SLS) : Champus containing sulphates can irritate the scalp .
  • Parfum : This artificial fragrance can help you disguise the smell of the scalp, but it can cause long-term irritation.
  • PPD phenylendiamine) : This ingredient, found in some dark hair dyes, can cause contact dermatitis.

Start tools.Here are three home domestic tools that can help:

  • coconut oil : it was shown that the application of coconut oil to the skin of the head increases good bacteria and reduces mushrooms,Including those who contribute to dandruff. . Failure
  • Aloe Vera : Aloe Vera has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to calm the irritated head of head.

Recommendations of the dermatologist

Sometimes, the home remedies are not enough to solve the smelly skin of the head.Especially if you have a basic medical condition, such as psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis, you can use medical shampoos and relevant procedures. They can help curing the condition of the skin on the head of the head, which can lead to a less odor.

Many of these medicinal procedures are available Revaluation, but can also talk with a dermatologist on stronger options.

The following medications are commonly used to treat the conditions of the head of the head.

  • zink pyriingo : active ingredient to exceed the shampois meter From dandruff, you can inhibit the growth of certain fungi on the scalp and reduce dandruff.
  • Corticosteroids : Steroids quickly reduce inflammation, so they are excellent for treating scalp conditions, Including psoriasis. They are used as part of the actual ointment.
  • CloseSOL PRIVODATION : Active ingredient In many psoriasis shampoos, reduces swelling, inflammation and itching.
  • Tazarotene : This is a medication that slows the restaurant cells, which can help control the accumulation of the skin at Escape.Ointment usually applies at night and washing in the morning.
  • Salicylic acid : Leather helps to pour dead cells to reduce the accumulation.In general, they are in psoriasis procedures, known as scale softeners.

Word Get information from Meds

No one wants to have a smellful scalp.If you or loved ones, you noticed that your head head smells to sour milk or smelly legs, it is time to overestimate your routine hygiene. You should start shampoo daily or weekly if you are black.If you have an eruption, red patches or scales, which you can indicate on the basis of the main state, be sure to talk to the doctor. With some simple adjustments, your head head will overthrow badly in the shortest possible time.

Frequently asked questions

What causes a fungus on the scalp?

Fungus naturally occurs in the head of the head in the composition of the microbiome or colonies of organisms.Other types of fungi can be transmitted through contact. A type of yeast called Malasssezia occurs naturally in the head of the head, but can lead to dandruff when it becomes too large.Many dandruff shampoos too contradictory do not delay the growth of Malasssezia .

Dandruff makes its smell of the scalp.

There is no reason to stink the scalp.However, the Dandrauff can indicate that the head of the head is not healthy or that its scalp of microbiomas is defective. Control control under control can help contact the stubble skin of the head.

What helps with the scalp psoriasis?

Champus and medicinal ointments can help treat the psoriasis approach.You should also talk with a doctor about the treatment of psoriasis in general, including procedures and changes in lifestyle that can help maintain a condition in verification.

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