Why stress and anxiety can cause diarrhea?


Although a wide range of health states has diarrhea as a symptom, sometimes reason can be attributed simply to stress or anxiety. You are experiencing symptoms of diarrhea when you do not get sick, but it is just emphasized. You may be useful to know why this is happening and what strategies you can use to avoid this Unpleasant, and, of course, an undesirable physical symptom.

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Intestinal reaction to stress

Cause may experience diarrhea when you are tense directlyRelated to scheduled stress scheduled by your TV, which is generally called our ‘combat response or flight’.

The response of the fight or flight, did a great job, helping people survive as friendly, especially when they often found things like hungry lions.But the same reaction has become more unpleasant in light of the problems you find, and rapid rates, modern life.

When it falls on what perceives as threatening, your body reacts with a variety of physical changes.Greater cuts of heart and breathing, their muscles are tense, blood is directed at their extremities and the most relevant to current discussion, colon reductions accelerate.In some cases, this increase in the activity of the colon can lead to a symptom diarrhea.

Deciphered Regardless of whether it is IBS

People who have an irritable intestine syndrome (SII) can easily testify that the voltage has in its digestive system .However, you can also experience an incidental diarrhea without having IBS.

IBS is a syndrome that includes attacks recurmeic abdominal pain and significant and constant problems with diarrhea or constipation.A diagnosis A A A a diagnosis of one A to an IBS is carried out in accordance with the specific criteria known as the criteria of ROMA .

If your diarrhea associated with stress you should register for a meeting with your health care provider diagnosis,So how are you there and other health conditions that can take by experiencing diarrhea during stress?

If your diarrhea associated with stress, only once it happens only for some time, it is unlikely that something happens,Except the natural stress reaction. But it can still take steps to reduce its impact when it arrives at the attacks.

What can you do

You do not need to be a passive victim caused by anxiety diarrhea.There are many methods of stress management you can use to help your body be more sustainable in your response to external stressors.

double activation that has been associated with a decrease in the basic alarm of your body yoga body and meditation.Practitioners one or both on a regular basis will help you face more effectively stressful situations in your life that arises.

There are also some methods of relaxation that you can use ‘on site’ to help your body disable the response to stress and, therefore, I hope, calm down with your intestinal intestine, matching additional diarrives .These include visualization, deep breathing exercises and muscle exercises . Like all skills, Tessing exercises are more efficient when practiced regularly.

If you are under a great tension for a long time, it is also important to take a goal, see your life to see if changes can be changed to reduce your general stress level.The awareness and problem problem skills can be used so that your life is more comfortable.

It may be useful to start a psychotherapy to help you better manage stress and problems that contribute to your diarrhea stress inducedFailure

When you see a medical healthcare provider

Even if you’re pretty sure that stress is guilty,You must discuss any unusual physical complaint with your health care provider to ensure that no other disease has a contribution to the problem.You must contact immediate medical care, if you should experience any of the following:

  • blood in stool or any sign of rectal bleeding
  • dehydration
  • Fever more than 102 F or fever,that lasts more than three days
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Heavy stomach pain
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